Application for Lease

Click here for a printer-friendly lease application form you can fill out online, print, sign, and either mail or bring in to our office. This information is never transmitted over the internet, for your security.

Each resident over the age of 18 must have a separate application on file, including the $40 application fee. Pay particular attention to the questions about WHERE you wish to move and WHEN you wish to move: these answers will help us find you a place to live in Tallahassee!

If necessary, you can also fill out a Guarantor Information Sheet. NOTE: The guarantor form must be notarized!

Application Process

The application process is used to protect the neighborhood. Be assured that your neighbors will go through the same process as you do. We are not out to rent to everybody, just to everybody that will qualify.

We do a background and credit check to be sure that you haven’t been evicted or that you don’t owe another real estate company for a broken lease. Your rental/credit history is important! Keep it that way! If you don’t pay your bills, we may not rent to you!

We will talk to your previous landlord. If you don’t have a previous landlord, we may ask for a guarantor. This will depend on your income and employment. Applicants must earn approximately three (3) times the monthly rental rate per month (verified by pay stub, 1099, W-2, company letterhead memo).

If a guarantor is needed, he/she will be asked to sign and have notarized a form (provided by us) which simply guarantees the payment of rent in the event the lease signor defaults. A co-signer, if required, would need to complete an application and meet all income and qualifying standards and would be fully responsible for the rental agreement if the occupying resident defaults.

We urge all prospective residents to visit the property first, to see if they like the neighborhood and exterior of the property. The web page for each property has a map to the general area (just click on the property name or the map icon) but feel free to call us for more specific directions. If you like what you see, contact our office to arrange an appointment to see the interior of the property. Some properties have resident managers on-site who can also assist with your evaluation.

Note: The application form must be accompanied by the application fee, the security deposit, and ultimately the lease. The security deposit and application fee should be paid via separatemoney orders or cashiers checks.

Rent Payments

As per our lease agreement, rent is always due in advance of the first each month with a grace period of 5 days. Rent paid by personal check will only be considered paid after the check has cleared the bank. Any rent that is paid after the grace period will incur an additional rent penalty.

Rent paid after the 5th of the month must be in the form of a money order or cashiers check – no personal checks. Remember that we do not accept cash payments.

Pet Policy

Our pet policy depends on the property. If a pet is permitted, there will be a size restriction and a pet fee. The permission of the pet is determined by the property owner. The restriction depends on us. We restrict the size of any dog to be under 25 pounds and an adult dog only! We do not rent to puppies. A pet fee for an adult dog is $200.00 and a cat is $100.00. This fee is non-refundable and only pays for the privilege of having the pet. It does not cover any damages that may be caused by the pet. Unfortunately, we have had so many problems with rodent type pets, that we will not accept them at all. This includes but not limited to; ferrets, rabbits and gophers. Fish aquariums and birds are very acceptable and a deposit may be required (depending on the size).

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